Power Z Agriculture Solutions
A Sustainable Division of Genesis Water Technologies

Innovative Bio-Organic Agriculture Soil Amendment & Liquid Solutions to:
* Conserve Water
* Increase Plant Yields
* Reduce Soil Nutrient Eutrophication Issues

Power-Z Agriculture is a division of Genesis Water Technologies, Inc. specializing in the development and supply of sustainable, environmentally friendly bio-organic soil conditioning media and liquid spray growth enhancement solutions. We specialize in serving conventional and organic farmers, growers, and landscapers in the USA and across the world.

Power Z Products


Power-Z Granular
Soil Conditioner

Power-Z Soil amendment is a natural granular bio-organic zeolite media blend with unique characteristics for agriculture, horticular and landscaping applications.

Power-Z Grow
Liquid Spray

Power-Z Grow is a bio organic liquid spray plant/tree amendment with specific qualities for conventional, organic and hydroponic agriculture, horticulture, farming, and landscaping applications.

Innovation in Sustainable Bio-Organic Agriculture Solutions