Power-Z Bio Organic Soil Conditioner

Power-Z Soil Amendment is a granular bio-organic zeolite blend with unique characteristics for conventional/organic farming, horticulture and landscaping applications.

This soil amendment has the ability to slowly release nutrients at the plant root zone. This encourages good stewardship of the land by significantly reducing nutrient soil leaching of nutrients that contaminate wells and waterways. 

These nutrients including phosphates and nitrates are held in the root growth zone of the plant and are conveniently used by the plant while not being water soluble for optimized growth rates.

Power Z reduces nitrogen fertilizer requirements, increases water & nutrient efficiency, reduces trace toxin uptake into plants from unsuitable soils. It also increases soil aeration reducing root rot within root systems due its high surface area and porosity.

Power-Z when used properly, can yield some impressive results including faster germination times, faster growth rates, larger plants, crop yields and reduced fertilizer usage.

Lastly Power-Z can work well with compost and dried manure applications, as it also can absorb ammonia and provide for a natural fertilizing system

Power Z Soil Conditioning Media

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Power Z Bio-Organic Soil Conditioner - Farming Application

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