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Why Power-Z Agriculture Solutions?

The team at Power Z agriculture solutions, the specialized agriculture division of Genesis Water Technologies specializes in the development and sale of proprietary sustainable bio-organic soil amendments and liquid growth stimulants.

Our product line includes our Power Z bio-organic granular soil conditioners and our Power Z Grow liquid growth stimulants.

Power Z agriculture solutions products are compliant for use in a conventional,  hydroponic, and organic growing operations. They have pending OMRI certifications and are licensed by the state of Florida.

OMRI certification is a verification aid for commercial organic farmers looking to obtain organic certifications for their agricultural products.

Our innovative Power Z soil conditioners and liquid plant stimulant products have been developed to:

This works well for your customers soil, lawn, plants, vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs and flowers.

Power Z Agriculture Solutions is committed to providing our dealer/reps and distributors with our reliable and high quality USA developed sustainable bio-organic products that will enhance growth rates and optimize customers return on investment.

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