Power-Z Agriculture Growing Technology

What is sustainable farming?

Sustainable agriculture is a shift in agriculture practices that focus on the intention to grow plants, trees, crops and livestock while protecting and minimizing the environment impact.

This agricultural practice intends to develop a good equilibrium between the demands of agriculture production with the protection of our environment.

There are several goals in the pivot towards sustainable agriculture practices, these include:
Power Z Soil Conditioning Media

What is Power Z™ granular bio organic soil amendment media?

Power Z soil amendment is a sustainable environmentally friendly granular type media providing for the optimized economic management of water, and nutrients while improving soil quality for agriculture growers across the world.

It is adapted to extreme climatic conditions, including droughts, while increasing plant yield potential and quality.


What is Power Z™ Grow bio organic liquid foliage spray?

Power Z Grow liquid growth enhancer is a sustainable, environmental friendly bio-organic solution that is applied to plants, crops and trees using hose dilution sprayers and spray tanks.

This liquid growth enhancer has multi use applications for agriculture, horticulture, and hydroponic applications including increasing seed germination, root mass and crop yield.

It improves plant health by stimulating immune response from bacteria, viruses & fungus in crops, plants and trees.

How is it different from comparative products?

Key Differentiators of Power Z and Power Z Grow versus Comparative Products

Power Z

Power Z Grow

How do these products work?

Power Z and Power Z Grow work through the interchange of ion reactions between the Power Z granular bio organic media and the Power Z Grow liquid in the soil, root zone and on the plants surface. These specific compounds have specific benefits for plants, crops, trees and are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

How is it used in agriculture applications?

Power-Z Granular
Power-Z Grow Liquid
Granular Machine Spreader
Machine Liquid Fertilizer Sprayer
Before-After PowerZ-AgricultureProducts

What benefits can be experienced from using Power Z products?

There are many benefits experienced using these products, we have included some primary benefits below:

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